Salom: If PP wins, it will govern for all Spaniards, and for all we share

Partido Popular´s (PP) head Balearic representative to the Spanish Congress, Marga Prohens, as well as the candidates to the Senate María Salom and Javier Bonet, have publicly announced the proposals for Young people, with an eye on the next Nov 10th General Elections.

Youth Employment and Housing are the two main axis on which PP members have focused during the function held this early morning in Palma de Mallorca.

–“The Popular Party posits an extraordinary electoral programme for youth. We Will boost economy and employment by applying great tax cuts… We are sure that is precisely what our Young people wish…” –declared Maria Salom in a statement to journalists.

As far as Housing is concerned, she advanced her Party´s commitment to créate “100,000 rent flats to favor youth´s emancipation”

Salom has reiterated her Party´s intention to win next Elections, in order to “unblock” the country´s present situation. “If the Popular Party wins,  there Will be a stable, conciliatory government, firmly rooted in the principles of our Constitution. We Will be a government of unity for all Spaniards, on the basis of serenity and firmness of character”

The popular candidate has insisted on the fact that her party Will ensure “the fulfillment of the principles laid on Carta Magna, a law that is binding on all citizens, either separatists or not, as well as deal with the approaching economic crisis”

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