“I hold Sánchez responsible for what might happen on November the 10th in Catalonia”

“I hold Sánchez responsable for what may happen on tomorrow´s King´s visit, as well as on the day before the Election, and on the General Election´s Day”, states categorically Pablo Casado, Popular Party´s candidate to next Sunday´s Elections. He blames the interim government for doing nothing in order to reestablish the order in Catalonia, as it needs the separatist support”.

Popular Party´s leader describes a “technical tie” scenario, with identical choice to form a government, and he appeals to Ciudadanos´and Vox´ electorate´s “useful vote”.

“I have got already the same choices to form a government as Sánchez”

The October the 1st´ sentence has been passed in accordance with Spanish legal system, which remained incomplete, after Socialist Government reformed the Penal Code in 1995, introducing violence as the key concept for such a legal category as “rebellion”. That is the reason why one of my proposals is restoring the concept of rebellion, to prevent a coup from being organized by public institutions. We have witnessed an insurrection caused by one of the State´s institutions, The Generalidad, which did not even need to resort to armed uprising. Next measure might well be a “digital” one.

I am not going to describe Tribunal Supremo´s sentences. To avoid that challenges to legality may become judicial, another penal type should be introduced, –incidentally, one which was also suppressed by a Socialist Government, in 2005, by Zapatero: that of holding illegal referendums. In addition to the abovementioned issues, we have the transfer,–as regards to prison matters–, made by another Socialist Government, in 1983. Were we to establish links, we would see that PSOE has weakened the State, having the independentist movement taken advantage of this weakness.

As for the possible penitentiary benefits prisoners might seek, I would urgently transfer the sentenced prisoners to other prisons outside Catalonia. In the médium term, I would urge the Office of the public prosecutor to appeal against it, so that the decision to be taken depended on the Tribunal Supremo. Finally, in the long term, I would favor the devolution of transfers from the autonomy to the Central Government, which is absolutely necessary. Almost forty years later, we see there has been disloyalty, and our Constitution, on its article 150, allows for a coordinating law, as far as competences are concerned, on the part of the State.

If there were any evidence that Catalonian Generalidad was to act arbitrarily, as it was actually proved by that meeting between the minister in the Catalonian regional government, and the prisoner Junqueras, published by El Mundo, the transfer of prisoners could be carried out straight away. My plan “Spain” for Catalonia involves the devolution of penitentiary competences. This plan also observes another measures: the recovering of the State and of the civil society. It is included in the National Budget. There is a Catalonian elite which is not on a par with its citizens. And I do not mean only the Generalidad or Town Councils, but rectors, pro-independentist mass media, or those employers´organizations and unions. Or even, Football Clubs.

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