UK Driving licenses after Brexit

The Dirección General de Tráfico (DGT, Public Department in charge of controlling Traffic) has extended the period for the thousands of British citizens who took up residence in Spain, and who desire to move around freely by their vehicles within Spain, to Exchange their British driving license for a Spanish one, until January, the 31st, 2020.

In case Brexit comes into effect, British driving license Will stop being considered valid, according to DGT.

Anyone proceeding with the driving license´s Exchange should take into account that DGT has started a protocol to recognize British driving qualifications as equivalent to Spanish ones (as for Exchange, substitution and renewal), under the same conditions prior to Brexit, as far as applications are submitted before 2020, January, the 31st, date until which European Union has extended Brexit.

As soon as United Kingdom´s membership of the European Union expires, all the EU agreements concerning traffic Will stop being valid for British citizens, –states DGT. So that UK driving licenses Will only be valid to move around within Spanish territory during a period of 9 months following Brexit, provided that they are in force.

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